Seedo FARm

  Grow Everywhere! 24/7      No seasonality     Saves 90% in water consumption
  High-quality yield – Pesticide-free      Standardized Uniform Yields     Agronomy Database

The world is changing

Seedo Farm’s turnkey automated growing containers allow communities in high-risk areas to grow their food locally without the fear of crop loss due to environmental and climate factors.

Leveraging smart AI-powered technology, Seedo Farm was developed to maximize the quality, yield, and reliability of commercial crops, regardless of location constraints and climate conditions.

Communities will be able to grow both native and non-native produce with less labor, energy, and water than ever before. Seedo Farm’s airtight, stackable containers allow cultivators to optimize land-use and reduce the environmental footprint of their farming operations.

Each container, developed with ease of transportation, installation, and operation in mind, features maximum daylight illumination, built-in carbon filters, automated air conditioning, and a smart post-harvest drying system that allows farmers to minimize cultivation costs and provide high-quality food with extended shelf life.


High Yield, High Quality

Sealed system - full isolation, pesticide-free
Significantly greater yield compared to a controlled greenhouse (with equal square footage)
Unified standardized yields suitable for the medical-pharma industry

Simplicity and low cost​

Simple transportation, installation, and operation
Modular farm and easily scalable
Reduced operational costs: One worker and one robot operate up to 8 containers
Optimal use of water, fertilizer, and electricity

Machine learning database for optimized yield

Full control and automation of all plant feeding and environmental parameters
Remote monitoring - through an application or computer- from anywhere in the world
Rapid response support network

High-quality, Pesticide-free yield
Standardized uniform yields regardless of climate
Save 90% in water consumption
Agronomy Database
What are the

Grow everywhere! 24/7 No seasonality

Seedo Partners With Kibbutz Dan to Establish First-of-its-Kind Fully Automated Indoor and Containerized Commercial-Scale Farm.

Seedo Qualifies as Registered Vendor for United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM)

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