Automatic and autonomous growing



Automatic and autonomous growing

Seedo introduces self-regulating climate-control based on machine learning technology, thereby automating the entire grow process. The Seedo home grow device enables professional plant growth effortlessly, from seed to harvest.

Agronomy Database

Seedo’s technology constantly captures all various plant growth parameters during the grow cycle. Data is transferred to the cloud where our algorithm studies the plant and provides necessary tweaks to the grow parameters based on the growth stage and plant health.

Data aggregated from thousands of devices worldwide continuously studies, improves and optimizes the plant yield.

Computer Vision and AI Algorithms

Seedo’s Computer Vision algorithms identify various states of the plant’s growth cycle to enable full automation, detect potential issues and improve the harvest.

Our smart automated technology, backed by machine learning and big data, consistently monitors and controls lighting, temperature, and humidity conditions inside the growing space. Additionally, Seedo continuously controls the nutrients levels and adjusts water via an automated closed water system to create an optimal growing environment for the plant.

Seedo’s proprietary technology, designed for smart usage of available space, allows anyone to grow high yields of complex, pesticide-free and sensitive plants in a fully automated manner.

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